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    IPhone Fever 

    September 22nd marks the official start of the fall season. And while I’m still trying to make it down to the beach for the first time this year and figure out how my summer vanished so quickly, many parents were happy to shove their kids back onto the school bus at the start of the month. But it’s not just the latest back to school trends they will be forced to contend with this year. Apple unleashed their newest IPhone yesterday, sure to transform even the most docile teen into a ravenous gadget hungry beast. Joy.

    Jimmy Kimmel (http://tinyurl.com/8qt64oo) took to the streets brandishing an IPhone 4S and told people they were getting an early look at the newly minted 5. The results were comparable to a loony toons character floating towards food in a complete trance. It didn’t matter that they were holding the exact same phone in their other hand; they were convinced this one was far superior to theirs. If you build it, they will come. Talk about powerful brand recognition.

    Even with the controversy related to the changing dock connector (http://tinyurl.com/9tqw25z) forcing buyers to purchase an entire new set of accessories, analysts predict the company will sell upwards of 10 million IPhone 5’s before the end of the month. This is just another example of why the company has been named the world’s most valuable brand.

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    You don’t hate Mondays, you just hate working 

    When the alarm goes off Monday morning, most people find themselves navigating through a mental battlefield as they struggle to jump-start another week. If the crippling dread of anxiety makes you feel like you’ve crawled out of your bed and into the jaws of doom that morning, take solace in the fact that scientists have recently dispelled the cultural myth about lousy Mondays (http://tinyurl.com/9bt3fzk). The good news is it’s not Monday’s fault! The bad news, just about every other day of work is equally loathed. Turns out you just hate going to work.

    Maybe it’s the hum of the neon lights or the runway of cubicle prison walls that make people feel like they’re entering the heart of darkness that first AM. But some forward thinking companies have recently started experimenting with radical new open work-space designs to foster a more playful environment and break down employee barriers (http://tinyurl.com/9q7jclb). The innovation has successfully led to more teamwork, productivity, and inspired employees. When people feel more connected to their co-workers, the lines of communication become more open and efficient. That’s a good way to keep employees satisfied.

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    The Machines Are Rising 

    According to recent reports, Google’s self driving cars have covered the equivalent of 12 round the world trips without a single accident and could be on the road in as little as three to five years. From here, they plan to tackle snow-covered roadways, temporary construction signals, and other spur of the moment situations most drivers encounter. The question is, can these beautiful nerds build cars that are safer than humans behind the wheel? If the human in question is me, then yes. Easily.

    Aside from the obvious benefit of saving millions of lives each year, the technology has the potential to eliminate the human error that ultimately brings traffic to a grinding halt. If they can do this, they deserve every award that ever existed. Forget about winter storms, the real test ahead will be whether the Google cars burst into flames and self-destruct out of frustration when they are faced with the 405 at rush hour.

    If movies have taught me anything, it’s that these driverless machines will rise up and enslave us all. But I’ll save you the doomsday scenarios and focus on the positive for now. Google’s continued effort to rapidly evolve and diversify their business into new sectors is what keeps them steamrolling ahead. It’s the entrepreneurial culture they’ve fostered that keeps them pumping out life changing innovations. At Eleventh Hour, we strive to find the talent our client’s need to think outside the box. Through the relationships we tirelessly maintain, you can rest assured we are partnering you up with candidates that will further your company’s endeavors. As always, should any staffing/and or payroll needs come up, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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